What’s This Thing?

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When I was a kid, my father was a shoe salesman for a time. No, I don’t mean in a neat little store with rows upon rows of pumps, high heels, and sneakers. No, this was back in the day, and he sold men’s shoes door to door from a cardboard suitcase filled with leather samples and brochures. And it wasn’t nearly as long ago as you might think.
What does this have to do with crafting, writing, and inspiration?

Those leather samples.

The samples were attached to nice, white, cardboard; eight samples to a sheet. Every month, my dad got a new set of samples and brochures, and I got the old ones. Pretty pictures, wee bits of leather to make shoes and clothes for my dolls, and all that lovely paper (now I know it was cardstock) to write, draw, and color on. And when I was deemed safe to handle glue and scissors, I discovered a whole ‘nother joy.
Pictures, short stories, and three-dimensional thingies. Bliss.

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At some point, I stopped writing the stories, but the paper never got far away. I rediscovered my love of making books and toys when my kids were born, and once they grew up and away, the stories returned as well. Now there are all the tools and toys I wished for when I was a kid, and we can make at home almost anything we see in our minds or in the stores.

A whole ‘nother joy!

It wasn’t long before stories began inspiring crafting projects, and crafting projects engineered stories. Mini albums with short stories and short stories became calendars and… You get the idea. Movies, music, books, art – all of it inspires.

And the beautiful, magical paper. Always, the paper.

So, here, I share my obsession, my world of fun, and explore what informs my art – and yours.


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